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High Asset Divorce Archives

Hiding of marital assets in with Bitcoin

During a divorce, especially a high-asset divorce, it is very important to identify and locate all of the marital assets. This is because modifications to property division in a divorce, in Missouri and virtually every state are very difficult to obtain.

Judge rules most of billionaire's stock is non-marital property

The idea of property division in a Missouri divorce can take on several different avenues of inquiry. Last week we discussed concepts that may arise when a family business is involved in a divorce proceeding. Determining the accurate values of assets is often an important process in a high-asset divorce.

Missouri business owners may face tough issues in divorce court

Business owners generally understand that there is no-one-size-fits-all solution to every business decision. Similarly, what happens with a business interest in a divorce may take many different roads, depending upon the circumstances.

Financials important in various aspects of a Missouri divorce

In December we discussed a lawsuit from out east that involved potential hidden assets in a prior divorce. In general, most divorce issues need to be addressed before the divorce is finalized. Once a case is finalized, a court may be highly reluctant to re-litigate a decided issue. Child support, child custody issues and a few other things are typically the areas where a post-divorce modification may arise.

Man sues ex-wife for alleged investment not disclosed in divorce

Each state has its own rules and ways of calculating how child support should be determined during a divorce. Missouri has guidelines for calculating child support obligations, although a departure from the guidelines may be possible in some cases. Should circumstances change substantially after a divorce is final, a family court may modify a child support obligation when appropriate proof of the change in circumstances is presented in court.

Missouri spousal support issues in, and after, divorce

With more and more households having two incomes, the issue of spousal support may not make the news as frequently as in previous generations. Spousal support—commonly referred to as alimony—however, may be an important issue in many divorce proceedings. Missouri essentially has three general types of spousal support:

Same-sex issues in Missouri family law are complicated

Issues that same-sex couples face in today’s changing legal world have been making the news in recent years. Many people in Columbia, Missouri, may be aware that the United States Supreme Court ruled this past summer that the federal Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional. The law purported to bar the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages. But, family law issues are generally a matter for state laws.

Study: divorce impacts men's health

Getting divorced can have a big impact on your emotions. After starting a life with the person you thought you'd be with forever, it can be very difficult to cope with the end of the marriage. Many spouses struggle with the thought of getting divorced, and even after the decision is made, many feel emotionally drained and confused. 

Study says peer groups may divorce at similar times

There has been much ado about the effects of social media in recent years. But for generations parents have worried about potential issues that can arise with the kids due to peer pressure. So why is it somewhat surprising for some people to learn that researchers not only find links between life events and members of social networks?