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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Man injured while operating a motorcycle recovers in Columbia

Motorcycle accidents can often lead to serious injuries due to the fact that vehicles which collide with them are often larger. Furthermore, the open nature of a motorcycle also makes it more likely that a driver could be seriously injured while operating a motorcycle. One recent Missouri motorcycle accident sent a man to University Hospital in Columbia for treatment of injuries that included pelvic injuries and a broken wrist, elbow and leg. The man was taken to Rusk Rehabilitation in Columbia once he was discharged from the other facility.

Motorcycle accidents can prove fatal for some Missouri residents

Missouri motorcycle accidents can be difficult for crash victims and their families to deal with. In worst-case scenarios, families can be left mourning a victim's loss while surviving victims may face significant recovery times and medical bills due to their injuries. A recent motorcycle accident has claimed the life of one man and sent another to the hospital with moderate injuries. The motorcycle accident happened just before 8:30 p.m. on a Sunday evening.

Man killed in recent Missouri motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents are often by their very nature extremely dangerous for the simple reason that motorcyclists and their passengers are not enclosed like the occupants of other motor vehicles. In collisions with vehicles like cars and trucks, motorcyclists are often seriously injured while operating a motorcycle. A man recently lost his life in one such Missouri motorcycle accident.

Missouri officer-involved motorcycle accidents can be difficult

Motorcycle accidents can often lead to catastrophic injuries and even death, especially when other vehicles are involved. It can seem even more tragic for family members when fatal motorcycle accidents also involve police officers. We tend to view law enforcement personnel as protectors of the public welfare and don't necessarily expect them to be involved in fatal car accidents. Unfortunately, one Missouri resident was recently killed when a sheriff's deputy struck his motorcycle from behind.