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Paternity Archives

There are legal consequences when establishing paternity

There is much more to paternity than simply establishing who fathered a child. When determination of paternity is being done or paternity has been established, there are legal consequences and legal matters that can be put into motion. Missouri parents can benefit from seeking guidance to learn what may occur and to what obligations a parent may have to adhere when paternity has been established.

Paternity issues affect Missouri parents and children

The establishment of paternity influences many aspects of the parents' lives and the lives of the children involved. Missouri parents need to understand just what will or can happen after paternity is established. This includes how paternity will impact their own rights because it will open the door to obligations they may not have thought of beforehand.

Issues with paternity involve serious legal decisions

The process of establishing paternity of a child should be taken seriously as it can affect every aspect of a parent or potential parent's life. Paternity can also impact a Missouri parent's finances in every way. Regardless of the relationship between two parents, legal support and guidance for any paternity issue can help ensure the process is fair and that the rights of parents and children are respected and upheld.