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Property division isn't necessarily equal in Missouri

The division of property after the dissolution of a marriage can get quite complicated even for those who do not own a significant amount of property. The property division process in Missouri is a two-step process. The first step is identifying the property eligible to be split, while the second step is determining how to split it as equitably as possible.

Many questions need answered before property division occurs

The business of dividing the property and assets amassed during a marriage can be extremely complex. There are many questions that need to be answered before the property division process can unfold for Missouri residents. While most expect an equal split, the realities of individual marriages and divorce agreements show that the thought of equal division may only be the starting point.

Understanding the facts about property division in Missouri

When a divorce unfolds, the process known as property division begins. While an equitable split is the ultimate goal, this is easier said than done for most people going through a divorce and the property division process in Missouri. There are certain steps to take, and all parties must consider their individual needs and wants, which will all naturally vary depending on the individuals involved.

Pet issues may be included in property division agreements

Property division issues can get complicated for any family going through a divorce. While child custody issues have their own unique place in family court, the decision as to where a beloved family pet may end up is considered part of the property division process. Missouri courts and courts all over the country have seen a rise in cases where the fate of the family pet, typically a dog, must be decided as part of a divorce.

Property division agreements in Missouri can involve pets

When it comes to splitting marital property, there may be much more at stake beyond who gets the china. There are an increasing number of cases where the fate of a family pet is being disputed and becoming a vital part of a property agreement. Despite the importance of pets in Missouri families, they are legally regarded as property and still treated as such, even though judges and courts are beginning to change that stance individual cases dealing with property division.

Property division and the family home

For any divorcing couple, decisions about property division details can mean trying to find a way to divide a whole life together. One major property division decision typically involves the family home. For many Missouri families, this can be the most important and emotional decision during divorce proceedings.

If my spouse cheated, are assets still split evenly in divorce?

Many divorces in Missouri are caused in part by infidelity. However, even if adultery is the reason for your divorce, it does not necessarily mean a judge will take it into consideration when approving your divorce settlement. 

To prenup or not to prenup? It is a good question

There are few more sensitive topics in family law than that of a prenuptial agreement. As its name suggests, it occurs prior to the nuptials, and yet its topic is the division of assets as a result of a divorce. This is conceptually a difficult idea to wrap one's head around, but that difficulty pales in comparison to the difficulty of emotionally comprehending dividing and protecting your assets before you promise to remain married "'til death do you part."

Do you know how divorce settlement works?

During your divorce, you may encounter numerous parts of the process that you may not fully understand. You trust your attorney is doing a competent job representing your interests and you may feel you do not have to understand all of the legal minutia and "inside baseball" discussions to obtain a fair and equitable divorce settlement.

How do you measure fair?

If marriage is seen as the melding of two lives into one, then a divorce is all about division. The dividing of those two lives yet again and leaving them two, independent lives. And depending on the situation, this can be easy or difficult. During this division, whether it involves the children, the family home or their investment accounts, it is expected that the ending result is fair.