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Truck Accidents Archives

Overloaded trucks can cause serious accidents in Missouri

Overloaded trucks are a big concern on the roads of Missouri due to the serious accidents that they can cause. There are federal regulations in place that prevent trucks from being overloaded, but not all drivers or companies follow them. Here is a look at overloaded truck accidents and the injuries they can cause.

The dangers of distracted truck driving in Missouri

Truck accidents can be very scary for all involved because of the size of the trucks and the rate of speed at which the accidents can occur. Truck drivers are not immune to making mistakes when behind the wheel. They are also susceptible to driving distracted, just like everyone else in cars, buses, motorcycles and SUVs.

Truck driver fatigue a common cause of truck accidents

A common cause of truck accidents in Columbia, Missouri, is truck driver fatigue. This issue is also common across the country as truck drivers are sometimes encouraged to drive as long as possible in order to cut down on overtime hours and delivery times.

Trucker says God was responsible for Missouri accident

A Mountain Grove, Missouri, man was charged with second-degree murder in a fatal trucking accident that killed a West Plains couple. The fatal crash involved two semitrucks and a pickup and occurred at 3:45 p.m. at the intersection of U.S. 60 and Clinton Avenue on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017.

Family alleges baby's brain trauma resulted from truck accident

The sister of the pregnant victim of a fatal trucking accident that occurred back in May 2016 filed an amended petition in her lawsuit against the decedent's male companion, semi truck driver and his employer. She is seeking more than $25,000 in damages.

Truck accidents: Big rig smashes into bus, 2 seriously injured

Developing mechanical problems or flat tires while traveling on a Missouri highway can lead to serious accidents. However, when large vehicles such as tractor trailers are involved, the consequences can be devastating. Because of the sheer weight and size of these vehicles, victims of truck accidents often suffer catastrophic injuries -- or worse.

Truck accidents: 7-vehicle crash on I-70 kills 2 truck drivers

The eastbound lanes of Interstate 70 in Missouri had to be closed for several hours recently to allow cleanup operations after a multi-vehicle accident. Truck accidents are often deadly, and this wreck involved several tractor-trailers. In all, seven vehicles were reported to have been involved, and the weather may have played a part in the crash that claimed the lives of two people.

Prevalence of car and truck accidents on I-44 causing concern

Drivers who regularly use the stretch of Interstate 44 between Halltown and Mount Vernon have reported concern about their safety. The Missouri Department of Transportation was asked to analyze the crash rate on this section of the roadway after multiple recent truck accidents and other collisions have caused chaos. It appears the unexpected curve in a long stretch of straight road catches drivers unaware.

Mtissouri truck accidents: Fatal crash on Interstate 44

There are countless risks for drivers cruising the roadways at night when it is dark. Though there are typically fewer vehicles on the road at this time, Missouri highways are no less dangerous than busy daytime travel hours. If anything, the night presents its own dangers for drivers, and truck accidents during these hours are typically unfortunate tragedies.