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Criminal Defense Lawyers for Columbia, Missouri College and University Students

Hiring an attorney is always important following an arrest. It is especially important when charges include college students. Every year, tens of thousands of students attend colleges and universities in Columbia and the surrounding areas. Most students are away from their family and can find themselves in trouble with the law. Whether it is a minor traffic violation, a MIP, DWI or something more serious, it is important to have an experienced college student defense attorney on your side.

Hire an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer to Protect You From The Long-Term Consequences Of A Criminal Charge

A criminal record can have serious consequences on your future. It can:

  • Affect opportunity to obtain employment
  • Limit educational options
  • Prevent you from obtaining a professional license
  • Possibly jeopardize your student aid

At Harper, Evans, Wade & Netemeyer, we make every effort to avoid leaving a person with a permanent criminal record. In those instances where the record cannot be avoided, there are steps that can be taken to lessen the impact on a person's future.

Providing Criminal Defense For Students Enrolled At Colleges Throughout Missouri

  • The University of Missouri
  • Columbia College
  • Stephens College

Surrounding Areas

  • Lincoln University (Jefferson City)
  • Truman State University (Kirksville)
  • Central Methodist University (Fayette)
  • Missouri Valley College (Marshall)
  • Westminster College (Fulton)
  • William Woods University (Fulton)

We Defend Students Charged With Any And All Criminal Offenses

The experienced trial lawyers at Harper, Evans, Wade & Netemeyer know the complexities that can arise in student defense cases. Have you been charged with:

  • Minor in possession 
  • Minor in possession by consumption 
  • Minor visibly intoxicated 
  • Possessing a fake ID 
  • DWI 
  • Drug crimes 
  • Stealing 
  • Assault 
  • Sexual offense 

If so, we can:

  1. Evaluate your case by gathering all evidence and talking to witnesses to verify your account.
  2. Assess mitigating circumstances. Was it consensual? Are the allegations made against you false?

Prepare for trial, if necessary. We promise to protect your rights and use our skills against the complex issues that arise during the litigation process.

Seek Consultation From An Attorney Experienced in Helping Students with Criminal Charges

At Harper, Evans, Wade & Netemeyer, your rights will be protected. You can count on our 100 years of combined experience to help you get the results you need. Contact our Columbia student defense attorneys at 573-442-1660 to schedule a consultation.

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