Domestic Violence In Missouri

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Hiring an attorney is always important following an arrest. It is especially important when charges include domestic violence. A charge of domestic violence can have extensive and far-reaching consequences. Domestic violence and abuse charges can:

  • Almost immediately cut you off from your home and family
  • Be highly emotional
  • Require mandatory counseling
  • Involve the possibility of mandatory incarceration
  • Result in the loss of your right to carry a weapon

Knowledgeable In Handling The Different Domestic Violence Charges In Missouri

The experienced trial lawyers at Harper, Evans, Wade & Netemeyer know the complexities that can arise in domestic violence cases. Have you been:

  • Charged with violating an order of protection?

  • Charged with domestic assault?
  • Charged with child abuse?
  • Falsely imprisoned?

If so, we can:

  1. Evaluate your case by gathering all evidence and talking to witnesses to verify your account.
  2. Assess mitigating circumstances. Was self-defense involved? Is this a situation that allows for therapy, domestic abuse counseling or substance rehabilitation in place of fines and incarceration?
  3. Prepare for trial, if necessary. We promise to protect your rights and use our skills against the complex issues that arise during the litigation process.

Providing An Aggressive Defense When You Need It The Most

When you face any of the various domestic violence charges outlined under Missouri law, having a skilled and experienced lawyer defending you is essential. We will provide you a personalized and aggressive defense to whatever charge you are facing.

For more information on domestic violence, access revised statutes of the state of Missouri.

At Harper, Evans, Wade & Netemeyer, your rights will be protected. You can count on our more than 100 years of combined experience to help you get the results you need. Contact domestic violence attorneys in our Columbia office at 573-442-1660 to schedule a consultation.

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